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Colorado SWAAAC and local SWAAAC teams support learning by connecting students with disabilities to the tools and technology they need to achieve their full potential.

Colorado SWAAAC 

  • Statewide initiative supported by the Colorado Department of Education
  • Managed by Assistive Technology Partners at the University of Colorado Denver, Department of Bioengineering
  • Supports AT teams in Colorado schools


Local School District SWAAAC teams

  • Interdisciplinary groups comprised of education professionals from disciplines such as speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education, and psychology. 
  • Provide AT services in schools to enable students with disabilities to achieve full access and participation in educational opportunities.
  • Originated in Colorado schools in 1985 with 25 members. Today, there are over 60 participating school districts and nearly 500 SWAAAC team members in the state.


Contact a Local Team


Not all use the “SWAAAC” Name

Most school districts in Colorado have SWAAAC teams to serve their students with disabilities. Teams may be called SWAAAC or Assistive Technology Teams. Check with your Special Education Department if you do not see your district team coordinator listed under “Contact Us” on the Colorado SWAAAC website at www.swaaac.com.